Why is my Orange Star Plant Dying

Is Orange Star Plant Dying? (5 Reasons & Ways To Fix It!)

Orange star plant dies of root rot when it is kept in waterlogged conditions for too long. Sun star plant also dies when it is root-bound.

The Orange star plant is also called the Star of Bethlehem or the Sunstar. It thrives in the US Zones 7 to 11. The plant produces clusters of orange-colored flowers.

Orange star plant drooping

Your Orange star plant is drooping because it didn’t get enough water (Underwatered). The same symptoms appear in the case of a root-bound plant too.


It is well-known to gardeners that the Orange star plant easily gets root-bound. This is because the plant grows vigorously.

Root-bound plants are easy to identify. One can see the roots trying to come out of the pot vertically. The roots try to spread in all directions.

If the plant is root-bound, you may want to transplant your Orange star plant into a bigger pot. While doing this make sure you don’t injure the rootball.

Underwatered Orange star plant

Orange star plant droops when it gets less water than required. The leaves become wilted and the plant looks like it’s dying.

Plants need enough water to absorb and transport minerals to different parts. If the plant doesn’t get enough water, its growth deters.

How often do you water an orange star plant?

I water my Orange star plant once or twice a week in spring and summer. One should water the plant less frequently in the fall season.

Water the plant deeply when you decide to do so. Water the plant only when the top 2-3 inches of the soil goes dry. This way you can make sure you’re not overwatering the plant.

In the fall season water the plant only when it looks wilted. Orange star plants are prone to root rot in the fall season.

So, it pays to water the plant consciously.

Orange star plant leaves turning yellow

Orange star plant leaves turn yellow mainly due to improper watering. Orange star plant leaves turn yellow and saggy when it is overwatered. Sun star plant leaves become dry and yellow when it gets less water than needed.


Water only when the top 2-3 inches of the soil goes dry. Giving the plant more water than needed is harmful to your Orange star plant.

Orange star demands watering only once or twice a week. Water the plant deeply when you do water it. Reduce watering frequency in the fall season.

Overwatering your Orange star in the fall season may lead to root rot. This causes the leaves to turn yellow and wilt.  Overwatered plants’ leaves are yellow and saggy.


Watering the plant less than needed causes the leaves to turn yellow. Underwatered Sun star plants’ leaves are dry and yellow.

Underwatering usually happens in the summer. So, water the plant abundantly in the summer. Water your Orange star plant once/twice a week deeply.

Fertilizer burn in Orange Star plant

Orange star plants can die if the soil is overloaded with fertilizer. The leaves get scorched due to fertilizer burn.

An orange star plant blossoms from spring to summer so it needs to be fertilized once a month. It’s easy to overfertilize such plants.

Initially the leaves of the Sun star plant turn yellow and then they turn brown. This gives the plant a scorching appearance. Pour plenty of water into the soil and let the fertilizer move away from the plant by diluting it.

Lack of Sunlight

Orange Star plant leaves turn yellow/pale when it doesn’t get an adequate amount of sunlight. Pale leaves are seen on one of the sides when the plant doesn’t get enough light.

Only one side of the plant turns pale/yellow when only that side gets sunlight. You can fix this issue by shifting the pot to a different spot once a week.

You can place the plant near a south-facing window for the best results. If you don’t have a south-facing window, you can use artificial light.

Natural yellowing

Orange star plant’s leaves turn yellow as summer progresses. This is a natural process and the leaves die back eventually.

The plant recovers from this dieback after summer. Just keep nurturing the plant carefully and give your Orange star some time.

You need to cut the dead leaves at the base. Use sterile, sharp cutters to cut off the dead leaves. This helps the new foliage grow.