Why is my Mini Rose Plant Dying?

Why is my Mini Rose Plant Dying? (And How To Fix It!)

The main reason why the Mini roses plant dies is improper watering. Both overwatering and underwatering can harm your mini rose plant. Lack of sunlight causes blossom failure in the Mini roses plant.

Mini rose/Miniature rose is a plant that gives out small, pretty flowers as the name suggests. People try to grow them indoors but I don’t recommend it.

They can be grown by beginners with ease. Some people do run into some issues when growing them. Let’s look at those issues and see how to fix them.

Why are my mini roses turning brown?

Spider mites are the reason why mini rose flowers turn brown. You can confirm their presence if you see webcasts around your Mini rose plant.

Firstly, let’s rule these pesky pests out of the picture. Spider mites and Aphids can cause such symptoms. Spider mites are the most probable culprits.

Spider mites

You can confirm the presence of spider mites if you find tiny webcasts around your Mini rose plant. Mini rose plant is usually put in a hanging pot.

Spider mites can easily get into hanging pots of your Mini roses. They damage the plant by discoloring the foliage and flowers.

To treat

  • If the infection is in the initial stages you may want to spray the plant with soapy water.
  • If there is an army of spider mites you would need to use rubbing alcohol or Neem oil to get rid of them.

Why is my mini rose wilting?

I’ve observed that the mini rose plant wilts when it doesn’t get enough water. The mini rose plant also wilts when it doesn’t get adequate sunlight.

Try to place the mini rose plant so it gets a good amount of sunlight throughout the day. You’ll see that the plant thrives outdoors.

Both overwatering and underwatering can wilt the leaves of the Mini rose plant. We shall see more on this later in this article.

Why are the leaves on my miniature rose turning yellow?

Your miniature rose plants’ leaves are turning yellow because the pH of the soil is too high or the soil doesn’t have enough iron in it.

Foliage yellowing is also seen when the mini rose plant is in waterlogged conditions. Waterlogged conditions are caused by overwatering and/or poorly draining soil.

Soil pH

Check the soil with a pH meter if you think this is the issue. The ideal pH range for roses is 6-6.5, if it’s above or below this range mini rose plants fail to absorb the essential nutrients.

Abnormal pH causes veins to yellow first followed by the leaves. This situation is caused by chlorosis.


Mini roses like water but don’t overdo it. Even in summer, they need to be watered only twice a week. Don’t make your mini rose plant sit in waterlogged conditions.

Miniature rose plants are far more resistant to waterlogged conditions than most other plants. So, the plant might recover yet.

Water your mini roses plant less often if the plant is affected by overwatering. These symptoms are also seen in the case of soil that’s poorly draining.

Make sure your pot has draining holes that work properly. If the problem is with the soil, add some compost to it to increase draining capability.

Miniature roses leaves drying

Miniature roses plant’s leaves dry up when it doesn’t get enough water. The plant droops and eventually the leaves turn yellow.

If the leaves are yellow, poke your finger into the soil and check for moisture. If it is bone dry, underwatering is the reason,

Underwatered plants’ leaves are yellow but dry. Overwatered plants’ leaves on the other hand are yellow but droopy.

Underwatering in mini roses plant usually happens in summer. Much of the water you give to the plant just evaporates leaving the plant thirsty.

Water your mini roses plant regularly, if possible use drip irrigation.


Giving your mini rose plant more fertilizer than it needs is a mistake. You are not only wasting nutrients but also harming the plant.

Fertilize according to the label. Sometimes mini rose plant needs only specific nutrients. In that case, fertilizer may not be of much help.

Get your soil test done and see what the soil lacks. Improve the soil accordingly and your mini rose plant will thank you.

Foliage yellowing subsides once the plant gets the proper amount of nutrients.

Why is my mini rose not blooming?

Your mini rose plant is not blooming due to inadequate light. The second possible reason is the lack of essential nutrients.


Mini rose plants love to be outdoors. If you are growing mini roses plant indoors, it is probably why your plant fails to bloom.

You might think that the plant gets enough light but the reality is different. The plant may not get the intensity of light it needs.

How far is your mini rose plant from the window? If it’s too far then try to move it closer to the window gradually each day.

In a greenhouse, these plants get a lot of light, so it is understandable why the plant fails to bloom.

How do you keep mini roses blooming?

Place your mini rose plant in a place where it gets abundant sunlight. This is crucial if you want the best for your plant.

Sometimes plants get shaded by other plants, check to make sure this is not the case with your mini rose plant.

Make sure your mini rose plant has all the essential nutrients. Water and feed your plant on schedule and it should bloom fine.

Happy Gardening 🙂