Why is my Frizzle Sizzle Dying

Frizzle Sizzle Dying? (Troubleshooting 6 Common problems)

Frizzle Sizzle declines typically due to overwatering, as they are very prone to root rot. Allow soil to dry out between waterings and improve drainage if needed. Underwatering can also cause wilt, so don’t let pots dry out completely. Low humidity causes leaf browning, so mist regularly. Frizzle sizzle leaves straighten out when the plant doesn’t get adequate sunlight.

Albuca spiralis, commonly called the Corkscrew Albuca or Frizzle sizzle is an indoor plant with beautiful foliage. These plants are kept for their curly foliage.

Frizzle sizzle is a fragrant plant that grows from a bulb. If you grow succulents already, growing Frizzle sizzle is easy for you as it needs almost the same care.

Why is my Frizzle Sizzle not curling?

Lack of curling in Frizzle Sizzle generally indicates insufficient sunlight. These plants need at least 4 hours of direct sun daily for leaves to frizzle up. Rotate the pot to encourage even curling. Leaves may also uncurl if overwatered, so allow soil to dry between waterings.

Frizzle sizzle plant leaves don’t curl if the plant gets less light than needed. Frizzle sizzle leaves grow out curly if the plant gets an adequate amount of sunlight.

You need to make sure your Frizzle sizzle gets enough sunlight. The location of your plant is crucial if you want to keep it healthy.

Frizzle sizzle thrives in bright light. Place your Frizzle sizzle near a south-facing window for the best results. Filtered sunlight works the best for your Frizzle sizzle.

Flower stalk affects the Frizzle sizzle curls

The flower stalk causes the leaf straightening of the new leaves that come out. This is done to make room for the flower stalk.

Frizzle sizzle does give out flowers, shocked? The flowers are yellowish-green in color, they aren’t that pretty. Flowers grow on a stalk.

You can cut the flower stalk with a sterilized pair of pruning shears. The new, upcoming foliage will be curly if you do this.

How do you curl a Frizzle Sizzle?

Frizzle Sizzle leaves grow out curly if the plant gets adequate sunlight. If the Frizzle sizzle doesn’t get enough sunlight the leaves straighten out.

Curly leaves do not straighten out. Straight leaves can’t be curled. Once they emerge from the trunk they stay the way they are.

Frizzle Sizzle Drooping

Frizzle Sizzle’s leaves droop typically due to underwatering. Check soil moisture and water thoroughly when the top few inches become dry. Overwatering can sometimes cause temporary wilt in Frizzle Sizzle.

Provide bright, indirect light to support growth. With proper moisture and light levels, frizzle sizzle will perk up from any wilting or drooping leaves.

How often to water Frizzle sizzle?

Water your Frizzle sizzle once a week when the plant is actively growing. Check the soil with your finger and water the plant if the soil is dry to touch.

Frizzle sizzle goes dormant in the summer. Stop watering your plant until the plant grows new foliage in the winter.

Why is my Frizzle Sizzle turning brown?

Tips of the Frizzle sizzle turn brown once the plant starts growing its flower stalk. Overwatering and Underwatering can turn the Frizzle sizzle leaves brown too.

Frizzle sizzle leaf tips turn brown when the plant produces a flower stalk. This happens because the plant drives all its resources into producing blossoms.

Should I let my Frizzle Sizzle flower?

Frizzle Sizzle leaves turn brown when the plant starts producing flower stalks. Flower stalk drains away a lot of resources and energy from the Frizzle sizzle plant.

Cut the flower stalk with a sterilized pair of pruning shears. Do this only if you think it helps the plant establish better.

Cut the flower stalk only if you don’t like the brown tips of the leaves. I’d leave the plant alone and just do its natural process.

Frizzle sizzle root rot/Overwatering

Overwatering causes Frizzle sizzle leaves to turn brown. The leaves first turn yellow and droopy, then they turn brown.

Overwatering causes waterlogged conditions. Waterlogged conditions favor the growth of fungi. Fungal pathogens eat away the roots causing root rot.

You need to make sure the pot has drainage holes and they’re working well. Make sure the potting mix drains water well.

Water your plant consciously. Check the soil with your fingers and water the plant if the soil is dry to touch.


Underwatering can also be the reason why Frizzle sizzle leaves turn brown. Do check the soil with your fingers to know when to water the plant.

Water the plant only when the top portion of the soil feels dry to the touch. Get a soil moisture meter if you want to measure the moisture precisely.

Underwatered Frizzle sizzle’s leaves turn brown and dry. This is what differentiates the plant from an overwatered plant.

If your plant is affected by underwatering you may want to water the plant thoroughly so that the root ball becomes wet.

Your Frizzle sizzle should bounce back soon, give it some time.

Frizzle Sizzle soil

Frizzle sizzle thrives in a well-draining, peat-based potting mix amended with perlite or pumice. This provides moisture retention yet allows excess water to pass through, preventing rot-prone soggy soil.

A cactus or succulent blend is also suitable to create the fast drainage these curled succulents need. Avoid standard, water-retentive mixes. A porous, lightweight soil is ideal for healthy frizzle sizzle roots and fabulous spiraling foliage.

Abnormal Temperatures

Frizzle Sizzle prefers temperatures below 80°F and high humidity above 40%. Intense heat causes leaves to brown and plants to decline.

Similarly, cold temperatures and frost will also damage the Frizzle Sizzle, so keep it above 40°F if outdoors.

To keep your frizzle sizzle looking fabulous, provide bright indirect sunlight, moderate humidity through misting, and protect it from temperature extremes in both summer and winter.

Avoid arid climates or placing it in direct sun, which will dry out those twisting curlicue leaves. Give frizzle sizzle the temperate, humid environment it loves, and you’ll be rewarded with a happy, healthy conversation piece!

Fertilizer for Frizzle Sizzle

Fertilize your Frizzle Sizzle once per year. They should be fertilized early in the spring season, using an all-purpose fertilizer.

Give your Frizzle Sizzle a balanced liquid fertilizer to promote curly leaves. Water your Frizzle Sizzle a day before fertilizing.

Your plant will be able to absorb the fertilizer properly when it’s well-hydrated. The plant will experience fertilizer burn if it gets more fertilizer than needeed.

Administer the fertilizer directly to the soil, avoiding contact with foliage. Let excess liquid drain away freely. With this care, your albuca will be spiraling with health in no time.

Frizzle Sizzle Dormancy

Frizzle sizzle goes into dormancy in the summer. Frizzle sizzle loses all its leaves and stays dormant till the winter comes.

Frizzle sizzle grows its leaves again in the winter considering the bulb is healthy.

How do you take care of a Frizzle Sizzle during dormancy?

If you don’t water your Frizzle sizzle, the leaves turn brown. The plant looks like it’s dying but don’t worry it’s just resting.

You can keep your Frizzle sizzle moist even during the summer. I’ve tried doing this and the plant took it nicely and stayed green.

The curled leaves will stay like that if you keep the potting mix moist even in the summer. Remember that this is possible but I’m not sure if you could achieve the same.

Happy Gardening 🙂