When does Honeysuckle Bloom

When does Honeysuckle Bloom? (What Month & How Often?)

Most varieties of Honeysuckle bloom in the spring. In most parts of the USA, Honeysuckle starts blooming in March/April and continues blooming for a while. There are also summer and winter varieties of Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle is grown in the gardens for its beautiful flowers. Honeysuckle is also kept in the gardens for the fragrant blossoms.

The Honeysuckle plant belongs to Lonicera genus. Many species/sub-species are collectively called by the common name ‘Honeysuckle’.

Here’s an article where we discuss why Honeysuckle doesn’t flower. It’s a must-read if you grow or plan to grow Honeysuckle.

The plant is quite popular with gardeners in the USA and Eurasia. There are even invasive varieties of Honeysuckle.

Let’s discuss when the Honeysuckle blooms and how often it blooms. We shall also discuss the blossom times of various species.

What time of year does Honeysuckle flower?

Most varieties of Honeysuckle flower in the spring season. Some varieties flower through summer into fall.

Honeysuckle flowering also depends on the USDA Zone the plant is in.

What month does Honeysuckle bloom?

Honeysuckle starts blooming in the months of March, April, or May. The plant varieties are classified into early, mid and late-spring blossoming varieties based on the time of flowering.

Depending on the variety/species Honeysuckle can flower from June through September/October.

When does Cape Honeysuckle bloom?

Cape Honeysuckle blooms from fall through spring. Cape Honeysuckle might bloom all-year round if it’s grown in warmer regions.

This is an evergreen shrub whose flowers are orange/red and trumpet-shaped.

When does Coral Honeysuckle bloom?

Coral Honeysuckle blooms from March to May. Coral Honeysuckle continues blooming occasionally in summer.

Coral Honeysuckle gives out berries in late fall that are loved by a variety of birds. These fruits are inedible by humans.

When does Japanese Honeysuckle bloom?

Japanese Honeysuckle blooms from late September to May. This means Japanese Honeysuckle blooms from late spring to fall.

Japanese Honeysuckle is an invasive variety of Honeysuckle. This plant can strangle native plants.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in USA?

Most varieties of Honeysuckle bloom in spring. This means Most varieties of Honeysuckle start blooming in March/April.

The time of blossoms depends largely on the Honeysuckle species along with the external conditions.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Georgia?

Most varieties of Honeysuckle bloom from spring till summer. There are winter varieties that blossom in the cold conditions too.

Some varieties of Honeysuckle are native to Georgia. They aren’t seen that often thanks to their less-vigorous growing habits.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Texas?

Honeysuckle starts blooming in the month of March that lasts till May. You might see flowers in the summer.

A burst of blossoms is seen in the spring season in the Texas region. Winter varieties flower in different conditions.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Tennessee?

Japanese Honeysuckle blooms from April to August in the Tennessee region. Flowers are white and yellow, fragrant in nature.

The blooming onset depends on the species/cultivar of Honeysuckle.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Ohio?

Honeysuckle starts blooming in May in Ohio. The flowers last the whole month of June. The flowers look white initially, then turn yellow.

Tartarian, Amur and Morrow are the Honeysuckle varieties that are commonly found in Ohio. The three can be distinguished on the basis of their flowers.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Virginia?

Invasive Honeysuckle blooms from May to June. Fragrant Honeysuckle blooms from February to April.

Coral Honeysuckle is native to Virginia. Japanese Honeysuckle and Amur species are considered exotic to Virginia.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Michigan?

Honeysuckle blooms in May and June in Michigan state. Bells Honeysuckle is the most common species in Michigan.

Some plants depend on external conditions to start blooming. The same is the case with Bells Honeysuckle.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Pennsylvania?

Honeysuckle flowers emerge throughout the spring in Pennsylvania. These fragrant flowers depend on external conditions.

Flowers are white initially and turn yellow/pink eventually. Fly Honeysuckle and Bush Honeysuckle are native to Pennsylvania.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Alabama?

Honeysuckle starts blooming during late spring and keeps on flowering throughout the summer.

The blossoms give out clusters of berries eventually. Alabama Crimson is the variety that grows well in Alabama.

This plant is also called the Trumpet Honeysuckle, attributed to the shape of the flower.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Florida?

Honeysuckle blooms from March to June in Florida. The flower is red/orange on the outside and yellow inside.

Coral Honeysuckle is native to Florida and grows wonderfully on a trellis. The plant blooms throughout the year in Central Florida.

Most blossoms are seen in winter. The blossoms reduce as we go North in Florida.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in NJ?

Honeysuckle flowers are produced from spring through summer in New Jersey. Japanese Honeysuckle is considered invasive in New Jersey.

Honeysuckle is known to inhibit the growth of other rare plants in NJ.

When does Honeysuckle bloom in Arkansas?

Honeysuckle flowers appear in April- May in Arkansas. Yellow Honeysuckle and Trumpet Honeysuckle are native to Arkansas.

Tartarian Honeysuckle and Amur Honeysuckle are considered invasive in Arkansas.

When does Honeysuckle bloom UK?

Honeysuckle blooms from June to the end of September/early October depending on the species.

Climbers flower in summer, shrubs flower in late winter/spring/summer. The time of flowering also depends on the species.

Honeysuckle can be grown easily. The plant gives out fragrant flowers. The plant makes for a great hedging plant.

Climbers and Shrubs need different treatments to grow successfully. Don’t prune severely if you want to see blossoms on your Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle that blooms all summer?

Major Wheeler Honeysuckle is a climbing vine that keeps on flowering throughout the summer. This is probably the longest blooming Honeysuckle variety.

The beautiful orange-red flowers are not only attractive to us, but also to hummingbirds. The plant grows fine in USDA Zones 4,5,6,7 and 8.

This variety of Honeysuckle blooms from late spring to summer. The plant is great for making hedge/screens.

Does Honeysuckle bloom twice a year?

No, most varieties of Honeysuckle only bloom once a year. Most varieties of this plant blossom from spring through summer.

You can plant both summer-blooming varieties and winter-blooming varieties in the garden to experience the blossoms year-round.

Prune your winter-blooming Honeysuckle after it’s done blooming to keep its growth under control.

If you want to see flowers for a long time, plant Major Wheeler Honeysuckle in the garden. It’s the longest blooming variety.

Happy Growing 🙂