What is eating my Impatiens

What is eating Impatiens? (11 Culprits & Quick Fixes!)

Slugs, Earwigs, and Black Vine Weevils eat Impatiens. Rabbits, Deer, Chipmunks, and Rats eat Impatiens plant. Aphids, Spider mites, and Thrips also feed on Impatiens.

What is eating holes in my Impatiens?

Slugs, Earwigs, and Black Vine Weevils eat holes into Impatiens foliage. Spider mites and Thrips cause similar damage too.

Do Slugs eat Impatiens?

Yes, Slugs eat Impatiens foliage and flowers. Not only slugs, but snails also eat Impatiens. These pests are mostly active at night.

Slugs leave a slimy trail on the plant as they move around. This is the primary sign of their presence that you need to look out for.

Slug infestation hinders blossoming in the Impatiens as they devour most of the foliage.

They can eat a lot of foliage overnight. So, it becomes essential to identify their infestation early on.

How to control slugs on Impatiens?

  • Do not wet the soil/plant in the evening. Wet soil attracts slugs, aiding their movement.
  • Cut off the damaged foliage with a pair of pruning shears.
  • Go out at night/dawn with a torchlight and you’ll see slugs munching on the leaves. Pick these pests by hand and throw them into a bucket of soapy water.
  • Clean the leaf debris off your garden floor.
  • Setup beer traps. Pour beer in a cup and place it 1-inch above the ground. Slugs gather in the cup, dispose of them as soon as they gather in the cup.

Do Earwigs eat Impatiens?

Yes, Earwigs eat holes into leaves and flowers of Impatiens. Earwigs are considered beneficial due to many reasons.

Earwigs eat Aphids, Mites, and other insects’ eggs. I wouldn’t try to eliminate these insects by spraying insecticides.

These insects become a problem when the population is too much. This is when they start bothering your prized plants.

Earwig damage

  • Earwigs eat holes into the leaves. Leaves will be eaten overnight and you’ll see Earwig excrement as small, black pellets on the leaves.
  • They usually damage the plants just after rain.
  • Earwig damage is similar to that of slugs and snails. Slugs/Snails leave behind a slimy trail.

Ways to control Earwigs on Impatiens

  • Apply petroleum jelly on the stems of your Impatiens.
  • If the weather is dry, apply Diatomaceous Earth around your Impatiens to deter Earwigs.
  • Mix equal parts of Olive oil and Soy sauce. Add it to a plastic container and close it with a tight lid. Punch holes in the lid and place it in the ground so that only the lid is above the ground. You can get rid of a lot of Earwigs this way.

Black Vine Weevils on Impatiens

Black Vine Weevils are commonly seen on Impatiens that grow in the gardens. Adult insects feed on the leaves.

It is grubs that cause the most damage to Impatiens. Grubs feed on the roots of Impatiens so severely that the plant gets stunted.

The foliage gets wilted. The root-feeding habit of the grubs could eventually kill your Impatiens.

Ways to get rid of Vine Weevils on Impatiens

  • Go out into your garden at night with a torchlight. Pick them by hand and throw ’em into a bucket of soapy water.
  • Add parasitic nematodes to the soil to get rid of the grubs naturally. Do this once you see the primary signs of infestation.
  • Spray Insecticides as soon as you see the damage on the foliage. Don’t let these insects multiply.

Spider mites on Impatiens

Spider mites are tiny insects that leave webcasts on the victim Impatiens. Spider mites feed on the plant sap via the leaves.

These insects leave yellow specks where they feed. The signs of damage are quite similar to that of an aphid infestation.

Respond as soon as you see webcasts on your Impatiens plant.

How do you treat spider mites on impatiens?

  • Dislodge the spider mites on Impatiens by spraying forcefully using a garden hose.
  • Spray Neem oil on the affected Impatiens to eliminate these pests organically.
  • If the infestation is severe, spray Insecticidal soap on the victim plant.

What kind of animal eats Impatiens?

Deer eat Impatiens. Rabbits, Rats, and Chipmunks eat Impatiens. These animals are most active at night, so it’s hard to catch ’em in action.

Do the Deer eat Impatiens?

Yes, Deer eat Impatiens. I’ve seen them damage Impatiens flowers. They eat the leaves and cause great damage to the plant.

You may want to erect fencing to prevent Deer from eating your Impatiens.

Do Chipmunks eat Impatiens?

Yes, Chipmunks eat Impatiens. They are mostly active at night so you won’t even know until they damage your precious plants.

You can apply pepper spray around your prized plants to keep Chipmunks away from them.

Do Rats eat Impatiens?

Yes, Rats do eat Impatiens. They munch on the flowers as if they’re some dessert. Rats will devour an entire plant if it’s young.

You may want to erect fences around your Impatiens to prevent these rodents from eating the plant.

Do Squirrels eat Impatiens?

No, Squirrels don’t eat Impatiens. I’ve had squirrel infestations in the past, but they never caused damage to my Impatiens.

Do Rabbits eat Impatiens?

Yes, Rabbits can eat Impatiens. Rabbits don’t like Impatiens much. If they have no other food around, they might just eat the plant.

How do you keep animals from eating Impatiens?

Below are a few means to keep animals like Rabbits, Deer away from your Impatiens.

  • You can keep Rabbits/Chipmunks away by spraying hot pepper spray on your prized plants.
  • One can also grow plants that are known to repel the animals that damage Impatiens. Rosemary, Asters and Vinca are known to keep Rabbits away. Daffodils help keep the Deer away.
  • Install a fence or Chicken wire around your Impatiens to keep a variety of animals away from the plants.

Happy Growing 🙂