What eats Canna Lilies

What eats Canna Lilies? (9 Culprits & Quick Fixes!)

Caterpillars, Japanese Beetles, Snails, and Slugs eat holes into Canna lily leaves. Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Voles dig up the Canna bulbs and eat them. Deer, Rabbits, and Gophers munch on the tender Canna leaves.

What causes holes in Canna leaves?

Canna leafrollers are the most common pests that eat holes into Canna foliage. Snails and slugs also eat holes into the Canna plant’s leaves.

What kind of caterpillar eats cannas?

Canna leafroller is the caterpillar of Brazilian skipper insect. Canna leafrollers eat holes into the Canna plant’s leaves.

Canna leafrollers are the larvae of Brazilian skipper insects. These larvae eat rows of holes into the leaves.

There are two types of leafrollers that attack Canna lilies. The Common leafroller chews at the edge of the leaf and creates a pocket.

The lesser leaf roller creates tubes out of the recently unfurled leaves. Due to this, the leaves don’t open completely.

One needs to open such pockets to find out the real culprit.

How to treat Canna leaf rollers?

Below are some ways to get rid of Canna leafrollers.

  • Spray Bacillus thuringiensis and Spinosad alternatively week after week till you no longer see the leafrollers. Spray thoroughly into the leafroller pockets for efficiency.
  • Following the above technique for a month or two would do the job.
  • If the damage is too much to deal with, cut the leaves to the bottom. This helps prevent the spread of the infestation.

Will Neem oil kill Canna leaf rollers?

Yes, Neem oil can kill Canna leaf rollers on contact. So, you need to drench those parts of the plant which are infested by leafrollers.

Neem oil spray also prevents new leafroller infestation for two weeks.

Canna leaf roller insecticide

Neem oil works wonders in treating leafroller infestations in Canna plants. Bacillus thuringiensis is also a great, natural way to get rid of leafrollers.

Acemain, an insecticide that has acephate can control leafrollers quite efficiently. I don’t recommend applying this solution as it harms beneficial insects too.

Canna leaf roller control

Controlling Leafrollers is a very good way to keep your Canna plants from harm’s way. Below are some instructions to prevent the infestation.

  • Canna leafrollers overwinter in the dead foliagel. So, be sure to prune off all the leaves and dispose of them properly.
  • If Cannas don’t get frosted in your region, prune off your plant at the end of the fall season.
  • Apply insecticides in the spring before you see any signs of leafrollers.

Do Snails eat Cannas?

Yes, snails and slugs do eat Canna foliage. They puncture holes into the leaves and flowers, leaving slimy trails behind.

Snails and slugs are active at night, so it’s hard to catch them before obvious damage is done.

One needs to go out into the garden with a torchlight to catch these pesky pests. Respond as soon as you see some of these pests around to prevent a severe infestation.

Ways to get rid of snails/slugs on Cannas

  • Wear gloves and pick these pests by hand. Throw ’em into a bucket of soapy water. This works best when there are only few slugs/snails.
  • Erect a copper fence around your Canna lily to deter slugs/snails.
  • You can also sprinkle Diatomaceous earth around your Canna lily to deter slugs/snails.
  • Dig a hole near your Canna lily. Pour beer into a bowl and place it in the hole. Make sure only an inch of the bowl is above the ground. Let these pests gather in the bowl. Dispose of them in the morning.
  • Clear the leaf debris under your Canna lilies to get rid of snail hideouts.

Japanese beetles on Canna

Japanese beetles also eat the leaves and flowers of your precious Cannas. Japanese beetles are attracted to Cannas because of the scent of the blossoms.

Japanese beetles feed on the leaves, leaving only the leaves intact. This makes a damaged leaf seem like a skeleton of veins.

As soon as you see the holes in the leaves, check the undersides of the leaves. Pick the bugs off by hand if you see them, this is the most efficient way to control Japanese beetles.

Doing this works if you notice the infestation early on.

Spray an insecticide that’s labeled for Japanese beetles. Don’t spray insecticide on flowers as it would repel pollinators.

How do I keep Japanese beetles off my Canna lilies?

  • Spray Neem oil on the affected parts of your Canna lily as soon as you see beetles.
  • I can also vouch for Pyrethrin-based insecticides to keep Japanese beetles away from your Canna lilies.

How do I protect my Canna lilies from bugs?

Below are few instructions to keep bugs from your precious Canna lilies.

  • Hang yellow, sticky cards around your Canna lilies. These cards help identify an infestation quite early.
  • Check your Canna lily plants often for any bugs. Pick them off by hand and discard them as soon as you see them to control pest infestations efficiently.
  • You can plant aromatic plants that deter insect pests from your prized plants.
  • You may wanna place soil toppers around your precious plants to hinder insect pest breeding.

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What animal eats Canna lilies?

Squirrels, Chipmunks, and Voles dig up the bulbs and devour your Canna plants. Deer stay away from Canna lilies.

Do Squirrels eat Canna bulbs?

No, squirrels don’t eat Canna bulbs. Often, they just dig up the bulbs and leave them there, destroying the plant.

These critters do this habitually as they are used to hiding seeds in the ground. Canna plants are poisonous to animals.

Do Deers eat Canna lilies?

No, Deer don’t feed on the tender leaves of Canna lilies. Canna is considered a plant that’s resistant to Deer.

People plant Canna in their gardens to keep Deer away from other plants.

Do Voles eat Canna lilies?

No, Voles don’t eat Canna lilies. Voles just dig out the bulbs of your Canna lilies and destroy the plants but I have never seen these critters eat them.

Happy Growing 🙂