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How to Get Rid of Snails in Garden Pond? (Complete Guide)

I enjoy spending evenings in the garden. I love the greenery and the pond.

Talking of pond, let’s take a look at it. What’s that debris?

Are those Pond Snails??

Yes, they are.

Are Pond Snails good or bad?

Pond snails help in the removal of sludge. They love to eat string algae.

Most pond snails will eat both algae and certain plants. So, check if the pond snails interfere with plant life in your pond.

They help clear debris, but the problem is they breed quickly. It becomes a problem when the dead snails pile up in the pond.

Such an issue should be solved immediately or it seriously affects the pond ecosystem.

How do you get rid of Pond Snails?

Getting rid of pond snails is crucial if you want a healthy pond ecosystem.

They multiply rapidly so you need to be active in controlling their spread. You should follow various methods simultaneously to efficiently control these pests.

There are many ways to do this. But I’d advise you to control them naturally.


This is the most underrated yet most effective way to control pond snails.

As soon as you see them, pick them with your hand and remove them from the pond. You’ll probably find them hiding under the leaves.

They are nocturnal. So, check your pond for snails at night.

Regularly removing them from the pond will keep their populations in control.

Snail Traps

You can use the good old method of trapping them. This method works well for keeping snail populations in control.

Put a piece of lettuce in the pond. Leave it there for a couple of hours or till the next day.

Dozens of snails will get into that piece of lettuce. You can dispose of it. Do this couple of times for best results.

This technique will only lower the growing number of snails.

Starve the Pond Snails!

Cut their food supply. Remove string algae or other types of algae and unnecessary plants from the pond.

This will reduce their populations efficiently.

What will eat Pond Snails?

Avoid using chemicals for pond snail elimination. There are better, natural ways.

Introduce a predator.

What Fish will eat Snails?

There are some fish that love munching on snails. By adding them you’ll not only get rid of pond snails but you’ll have new fishes in the pond.

Many species of loaches and pufferfishes eat pond snails with passion.

Clown Loach and Yoyo Loach are good predators and won’t harm the pond ecosystem(unlike some puffers).

Do Goldfish eat Pond Snails?

Yes, Goldfish can eat pond snails. They eat smaller snails as they fit easily in their mouths.

They eat dead pond snails of any size though.

Will Assassin Snails eat Pond Snails?

As their name suggests, they love to feast on smaller species of snails.

They are kept usually for their appearance. Do not go by the looks though.

They can control the populations of pond snails greatly. They’re your best bet. Get a male and a female assassin snail.

They only breed a few offspring at a time, so they won’t become a new pest. You only need a couple of adults in the beginning.

The results won’t be conspicuous in the beginning. But you’ll soon notice a decrease in the populations of pond snails.

Other Pond Snail Predators

Frogs and Sterlets eat adult pond snails. Sterlets can survive for the whole year. The optimal temperature for these fishes is 52 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mosquito fish eat snail eggs. The ideal temperature is 65-75 Fahrenheit.

Using a predator that eats eggs and another that eats adult pests works efficiently.

Snail killing chemical

Products that eradicate Anchor worms work on snails too. Dimilin is one such product. Use as instructed on the label.

This product will kill all the snails in your pond. So, use cautiously.

Does vinegar kill snails?

Yes, Vinegar can kill snails. But I do not recommend using it in your pond.

Vinegar will probably also kill the plants in your pond if any.

Those are some ways to get rid of pond snails. But you need to understand them well if you want a snail-free pond.

Pond Snails Lifecycle and Breeding

If you know your pests well, you can control their populations easily.

You can plan your attack well if you know when they breed and when they are active etc.

They can reproduce sexually and asexually. They prefer sexual reproduction.

How long do pond snails live?

They can live for around a year.

Ramshorn snails are an exception. They can live for a year or two.

How do snails get in my pond?

Snail lovers seem to invite them into their pond.

But, many-a-time they come with water plants. Snail eggs are attached to water plants more often than not.

How quickly do pond snails reproduce?

Pond snails take 6-8 weeks to mature. Ramshorn snails mature quickly in 4-6 weeks.

Pond snails multiply immediately after maturing and lay 100 eggs or more. Ramshorn snails lay a dozen eggs at a time.

How often do pond snails lay eggs?

Snails lay eggs multiple times in a year.

They can even lay eggs once a month, even more often at times. This is the reason why these pond snails quickly turn into pesky pests.

They lay 5 to 200 eggs in a batch. Some can even lay 600 eggs in a batch.

Observe egg-laying trends in your pond and introduce egg-eating predators accordingly.

What do Pond Snails eggs look like?

Pond snail eggs are jelly-like and found in clusters.

These eggs are found only on hard surfaces like leaves.

Where do Pond Snails lay their eggs?

Pond snails lay their eggs on the leaves of the pond plants.

The eggs get hatched in 10-20 days depending on the temperature.

Do Pond Snails die in the winter?

No, they most probably won’t. They are quite tolerant of temperature fluctuations.

They will survive the winter just fine. If the pond freezes, then the snails will probably die.

Can Pond Snails survive out of water?

Pond snails depend on the pond for their survival.

The snails that rely on their lungs may be able to breathe on land, but they still won’t survive.

Without any moisture, the air will dry their skin out.


Pond snails cause a huge imbalance to the ecosystem they live in. They replicate rapidly and this is the reason why they’re seen as pests.

To control them any one of the above methods wouldn’t suffice.

Use a couple of control methods simultaneously to efficiently control the populations of pond snails.

Remove the snails from the pond as soon as you see them. Regular removal is the best practice in my opinion.

I wish you a pest-free pond!

Happy Gardening 🙂