Polka dot plant dying

Dying Polka Dot Plant? (9 Amazing Ways to Revive It!)

Your Polka dot plant may die due to many reasons. Underwatering and Overwatering are harmful to the plant. Overfeeding the plant is harmful too. Improper lighting and humidity can cause issues too. Taking proper care of the Polka dot plant goes a long way in preventing such problems.

The Polka dot plant is kept indoors for its beautiful foliage. The plant is bushy in appearance and gives out foliage that has beautiful dots.

The plant needs regular watering and feeding. The most common variety is the Pink Polka dot plant. This plant’s foliage is pink with green dots on ’em!

Almost all pretty plants come with problems. Polka dot plant is no exception! In this article, we shall discuss the issues faced by the polka dot plant and the solutions.

Browning LeavesUnderwatering

Too much or too little sunlight

Fertilizer burn
Crispy LeavesInsufficient humidity levels
Fuzzy LeavesNatural trichomes (fungal outgrowths)
Curled LeavesExcessive direct sunlight

Low humidity
Yellow LeavesOverwatering causing waterlogged soil
Loss of ColorInsufficient or too much direct sunlight
Drooping PlantSoil drying out

Inadequate watering

Direct sunlight
Leggy GrowthInsufficient light and soil temperature
FloweringEnergy-intensive process
Outdoor GrowthMore suitable conditions outdoors
HumidityPolka Dot plants prefer humid conditions
Sunlight PreferenceBright, indirect sunlight preferred

Why is my Polka Dot Plant Turning Brown?

Polka Dot plant turns brown when the plant is given less water than needed. The Polka Dot plant turns brown when it receives too much or too little sunlight. Fertilizer burn also turns the leaves brown in Polka dot plants.

The plant needs moist soil, never let the soil get waterlogged. The plant thrives in humid conditions which is why it is grown in terrariums.

There can be various reasons why your Polka dot plant goes brown.


This is probably the most common reason. Underwatered Polka dot plants go brown directly, i.e., they don’t yellow prior to browning.

Keep the soil/potting mix moist always. Choose well-draining soil but water the plant often.

Water the plant only when the top two inches of the soil is dry. Check the soil with fingers occasionally and water the plant when the soil goes slightly dry.


Too much light or too little light can cause browning of leaves. You need to understand that light is a very important factor in the life of a Polka dot plant.

Place the plant in a place where it gets bright, indirect sunlight. I keep mine two or three feet away from the west-facing window.

Using hard water

Using hard water can lead to leaf browning in Polka dot plants. I’ve seen it happen to my plant. Use soft water if possible.

Too much fertilizer

Overfeeding the plant also leads to browning of the foliage. If you recently fed your Polka dot plant, this might be the reason.

Flush the soil with a lot of water to wash away excess salt deposits.

Why is my Polka Dot plant crispy?

Crispy leaves are seen due to a lack of sufficient humidity levels. You can try to increase the humidity in the room by installing a humidifier.

You can also place a bowl filled with water near the plant. This is a free technique to raise the humidity to the desired level.

Why is my Polka Dot Plant Fuzzy?

The fuzzy outgrowths you see on your Polka Dot Plant are called Trichomes. These are fungal outgrowths and help deter insect pests.

It is perfectly natural, you don’t need to panic. Those outgrowths are called trichomes. They are there to prevent excess evaporation. This is a symbiotic association with a fungus.

Why is my Polka Dot Plant leaves curling?

Crinkly and curled leaves are commonly seen in Polka Dot plants. This is seen when the plant is exposed to too much direct sunlight.

If the plant hasn’t been in direct sunlight then it’s probably a humidity issue. You can increase the humidity by placing a bowl of water near the plant.

Add some mulch to the pot to prevent excess evaporation. Adding some kind of organic mulch helps to lock the moisture in the soil.

Polka Dot plant Leaves Turning Yellow

Overwatering causes waterlogged conditions in the pot. Soggy soil causes the yellowing of the leaves, these leaves fall off eventually.

Overwatering is bad not only because it causes yellowing of the leaves, but also as it may lead to other severe problems like root rot and powdery mildew.

Once you see the yellow leaves on your plant, reduce the amount of water you give the plant. Use a potting mix with good drainage to avoid waterlogged conditions.

Why is my Polka Dot plant losing color?

Polka Dot plant needs bright, indirect sunlight to keep their vibrant color. Try to keep the plant at a west-facing window so it gets bright but indirect sunlight.

Like any other plant, the Polka Dot plant’s leaf color is directly linked to the amount of sunlight it gets.

Too much direct sunlight will also make the plant lose its vibrant color. So, be careful where you choose to put your Polka dot plant.

Why is my Polka Dot plant Drooping?

Polka Dot plant droops when the soil dries out and it can’t get sufficient water. Make sure to water your plant abundantly.

Underwatering causes drooping of the foliage. Eventually, you’ll see the browning of the leaves. Give it indirect, bright sunlight. Direct sunlight may also cause drooping.

To fix: Water your plant adequately. If you’re not sure, check the soil with your fingers. Water only when the top two inches of the soil is dry.

Why is my Polka Dot Plant Leggy?

The Polka dot plant grows leggy when it lacks sufficient light and soil temperature. This is mostly seen in the Polka dot plant that’s grown indoors.

How do you fix a leggy Polka Dot plant?

The Polka dot plant becomes leggy for a reason. When it doesn’t get abundant light and soil temperature, it becomes tall and leggy.

Give your Polka dot plant some direct sun. Place the plant at the west window. Make sure the soil temperature is between 65F to 80F.

To fix the legginess, wait till the temperatures return to normal, then cut back the Polka dot plant to a node or two. Your plant will grow bushy.


Do Polka dot plants die after flowering?

Flowering is an energy-intensive process. It takes a lot of resources for a plant to flower. This is especially true in the case of Polka dot plants.

Do not let them flower as it drains their energy. If they flower successfully the plant will eventually die. Cut off the flower spikes as soon as you notice ’em!

Does Polka dot plant like the Sun?

Polka dot plant likes bright, indirect sunlight. They do not like direct sunlight. In fact, direct sunlight could harm the plant.

So, keep the plant in a place where it gets bright but indirect sunlight. A west-facing window works well.

Can a Polka dot plant be planted outside?

In my experience, the Polka dot plant grows best outdoors. Place it somewhere where it gets partial shade. Outdoor conditions are more suitable for the survival of this plant.

Should I mist my polka dot plant?

Polka dot plants love humid conditions. You can set up a humidifier in the room or place a water bowl near the plant too.

Misting the plant often works well too. Do not mist the plant in the middle of the day as it can harm the plant.

Happy Gardening 🙂