17 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants That Can’t Be Killed!

Low-maintenance indoor plants are perfect for plant parents who tend to kill their plants.

Do you dream of creating a lush, indoor oasis but worry about your ability to keep plants alive?

Fear not, because certain houseplants are so resilient, even the most forgetful plant parent can’t kill them.

In this article, we’ll explore 17 low-maintenance houseplants, perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of greenery without the stress of constant maintenance.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria):

With its striking upright leaves and ability to thrive in low-light conditions, the Snake Plant is a true survivor.

It can tolerate periods of neglect and infrequent watering, making it an ideal choice for busy plant owners.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia):

The ZZ Plant is a true low-maintenance gem. Its thick, waxy leaves store water, allowing it to go for extended periods without watering.

This plant is virtually indestructible and can even survive in dimly lit corners of your home.


The Pothos is a trailing vine that is perfect for those who tend to underwater their plants.

Its ability to bounce back from drought conditions is remarkable, and it can even thrive in low-light environments.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema):

With its beautiful, patterned leaves, the Chinese Evergreen adds a touch of elegance to any space.

It’s incredibly forgiving when it comes to watering schedules and can adapt to a wide range of light conditions.


    Philodendrons are a diverse group of plants known for their easy-going nature.

    From the classic heart-shaped leaves to the trailing vines, these plants can tolerate a fair amount of neglect and still look stunning.

    Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

    Despite its delicate appearance, the Peace Lily is a tough cookie.

    It will let you know when it needs water by drooping slightly, making it a perfect plant for beginners.

    Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

    The Jade Plant is a succulent that thrives on neglect. Its thick, fleshy leaves store water, allowing it to go for extended periods without watering.

    Just be careful not to overwater this resilient plant.

    Spider Plant:

    With its long, arching leaves and baby plantlets (known as “spiders”), the Spider Plant is a charming addition to any home.

    It’s incredibly easy to care for and can even survive in less-than-ideal conditions.

    Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior):

    True to its name, the Cast Iron Plant is practically indestructible.

    It can tolerate low light, drought, and even periods of neglect, making it a foolproof choice for busy plant owners.

    Air Plants (Tillandsia):

    Air Plants are a unique and fascinating addition to any home.

    These plants don’t require soil and can thrive on occasional misting, making them incredibly low-maintenance.

    Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana):

    Despite its name, Lucky Bamboo is not a bamboo plant.

    It’s a resilient species that can thrive in water or soil, making it a versatile and low-maintenance choice.

    Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia):

    While its name might not sound appealing, the Dumb Cane is a hardy plant that can tolerate a wide range of light conditions and occasional neglect.

    Succulents (Echeveria, Sedum, etc.):

    Succulents are a diverse group of plants that are known for their ability to store water in their thick, fleshy leaves.

    They’re perfect for those who tend to forget to water, as they can survive extended periods of drought.

    Cacti (Opuntia, Mammillaria, etc.):

    Cacti are the ultimate low-maintenance plants.

    Their ability to thrive in arid conditions and their lack of need for frequent watering makes them an excellent choice for busy plant owners.

    Rubber Plant (Ficus elastic):

    The Rubber Plant is a stunning addition to any home, with its glossy leaves and elegant growth habit.

    It’s surprisingly resilient and can tolerate a wide range of light conditions and occasional drought.

    Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum):

    Don’t let its devilish name fool you – the Devil’s Ivy is a hardy, trailing vine that can tolerate low light and infrequent watering, making it a great choice for those with a less-than-green thumb.

    Zebra Plant (Calathea zebrina):

    With its striking, patterned leaves, the Zebra Plant adds a touch of exotic beauty to any space.

    While it’s a bit more demanding than some of the other plants on this list, it’s still relatively low-maintenance and can tolerate a range of light conditions.

    Whether you’re a busy professional, a forgetful plant parent, or simply someone who appreciates low-maintenance houseplants, these 17 low-maintenance indoor plants are sure to bring life and vibrance to your living space without the stress of constant care.

    Embrace your plant-killing tendencies and enjoy the beauty of these resilient companions.