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Should I let my Venus Flytrap Flower? (Read This First!)

Many people keep Venus flytrap plants indoors or in terrariums. This plant gives an elegant look to the room.

This is a beautiful plant but caring for it is not easy.

Venus flytrap plants are unique as they absorb Nitrogen from insects. This is the reason why they need special care.

They look adorable with their lil’ traps, but do they flower?

Is venus flytrap a flowering plant?

Yes, it is a flowering plant. But should you let it flower?

No, you shouldn’t let your Venus Flytrap bloom. You may let it flower only if you intend to propagate it.

Flowering needs a lot of nutrients and it’s not ideal as it deters the growth of the plant.

What happens when a Venus flytrap flowers?

The process of making flowers needs a lot of energy and nutrients.

After flowering, the plants go to a weak state. Venus flytrap plants can go through this stage quickly in the wild.

But when people grow them indoors, it’s nearly impossible to provide the ideal conditions.

They stay weak for over a year and may even die!

Smaller traps!

Flowering requires a lot of nutrients. This has a huge impact on the size of the traps.

New traps will be smaller once the plant flowers. Resultingly, the plant loses its aesthetic appeal.

So, do not let the plant flower. If you are trying to propagate then do let them flower.

But I advise you to do this only if you have plants to spare for.

When to cut venus fly trap flower?

You should cut the flower buds as soon as you see them.

The buds are weird cylindrical stems and thus can be differentiated from sprouting leaves.

The flower buds grow from the center of the plant.

These flower buds will grow longer and longer. When the stock is long enough, the bud turns into a flower.

Once it flowers, there isn’t much you can do. So just cut the buds at the base when they are young.

If it flowered, then pollinate it well and make sure you get some seeds. The plant dies after flowering.

Note: Some people might say cutting the flowers off is not needed and their flytraps are just fine. Either they are skilled gardeners or just lucky.

How long does it take for a Venus flytrap to flower?

It doesn’t take long for the plants to flower.

Venus flytraps flower during the spring season. The flower grows on a long, cylindrical stalk, giving you enough time to identify and cut the bud.

If you cut it at the right time then you’ll see vigorous growth of the plant during summer.

venus flytraps flowers

How do I cut the flowers off my Venus Fly Trap?

The flower buds arise from the center of the plant. Cut the bud off as soon as you see it.

The plant will give rise to many more buds. Cut these off too.

You may use a Needle nose trimmer (a small pair of scissors would work fine too.) to cut the buds off. Cut them as near to the base as possible.

But once it flowers, there is not much you can do. Just let it flower and pollinate it well. Harvest the seeds.

Can you propagate a Venus flytrap?

Yes, experienced people successfully propagate Venus flytrap plants.

One can propagate these plants through seeds. To do this you need to let the plant flower and then pollinate it.

There’s another way. You can propagate the plant using their flower stalks.

How to propagate venus fly trap from flower stalk?

If you are a beginner, do not ever let these plants flower.

If the plant did give out flower stalks, there’s a way to put them to good use.

You can use the stalks to propagate the plant.

Cut off the stalk as close to the base as possible (Ideally when it’s 2 inches long) and plant it in peat moss.

Give the stalk sufficient lighting and warmth and it will develop into a plant in a couple of weeks.

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to propagate the plant and even beginners can do it too.

Do Venus fly traps die after flowering?

Yes, unfortunately, Venus flytrap plants that are grown indoors die if you let them flower.

They lose a lot of energy and nutrients.

So it’s better if you don’t let them flower at all.

I wish you green indoors 🙂