How to Get Rid of Moss in Vegetable Garden

How to Get Rid of Moss in Vegetable Garden? (4 Natural Solutions!)

You are enjoying your evening stroll in the garden. Suddenly you see moss in your vegetable beds. Are they growing in there for real?

What to do? Will they ruin my veggies? How did they grow there in the first place? Am I being lazy these days? How to get rid of them?

Many people report to me with this problem, you are not alone. In this article, we shall discuss ways to get rid of moss in your vegetable garden.

The best natural way to kill moss is to pluck it off by hand. This works wonders where the moss has just grown.

There are other ways to kill off moss naturally too. Let’s look at ’em!

Does Washing-Up Liquid Kill Moss?

Yes, you can get rid of moss in a Vegetable Garden by using washing-up liquid. You can use the washing-up liquid that you use in your household.

Mix 50 ml of washing-up liquid in 4.5 liters of water to make the solution. Reduce the amounts proportionately according to your needs. Spray this solution on moss.

You can mix lime in this solution for better results. Lime makes the place unhospitable for the future growth of moss by making it less acidic.

Does Baking Soda Kill Moss?

Yes, Baking soda can kill Moss if used properly. It can be directly applied to moss, no need to mix in the soil.

With Baking soda, you can kill moss anywhere, be it on the patio or around trees. You can mix it in water to make a solution or apply it directly.

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a cup of water to make the mixture.


  • Dampen the moss to keep the powder in place.
  • Wear gloves while applying baking soda to the moss. Shake the bottle well before spraying to make sure it is well mixed.

How does Vinegar get rid of moss?

Vinegar can kill moss efficiently. Vinegar is an ecologically safer alternative to chemicals. You need concentrated Vinegar to successfully get rid of moss.

You can use either Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar.

You can pour the vinegar directly onto the moss. Household Vinegar can kill newly growing moss. To kill established moss, you need to use concentrated vinegar.

How long does it take Vinegar to kill moss?

Let the vinegar sit for 10 minutes. It works its wonders in 10 minutes. You can scrape the moss off with a knife. Rinse the surface well.

How to get rid of Moss in Raised Beds?

If the growth of the moss began recently, it is still trying to establish. At this point, you can even pluck the moss by hand.

Plucking the moss out becomes easier if you spray it with Vinegar.

If the moss is growing at the edge of the raised bed you can safely spray any of the afore-mentioned sprays to get rid of it.

Make sure not to spray your valuable plants accidentally.

See why the moss has grown in your raised bed. Is something wrong with the soil? Is it draining well? Is the soil compacted?

Does Boiling Water kill Moss?

Boiling water is perhaps the most efficient way to get rid of moss in your vegetable bed without harming the surrounding plants.

You can mix Vinegar in Boiling water for the best results. Pour this mixture directly on moss.

Scrub the moss off with a stiff brush. It should come off easily. After scrubbing it, clean the surface with a regular brush.

Does Jeyes fluid kill moss?

Jeyes fluid used to be a go-to solution to get rid of moss. It is also used to prevent the re-growth of moss.

Due to the regulations that came into force in 2003, the liquid will no longer be effective at countering the growth of moss.

It became impotent. You won’t see any results even after using Jeyes fluid.

How to get rid of Moss on bricks naturally?

Do you see moss on your bricks that line your vegetable bed? This is common and happens when the bricks get wet.

The best way to get rid of moss on bricks naturally is by plucking it by hand. This works in cases where there is only negligible growth of moss.

How do I get rid of Moss in my Flower Beds?

Do you see moss in your flower beds? I am sure even the sight of it irritates you. How do you get rid of the moss without harming your pretty flowering plants?

  • Pour some boiling water directly on moss. By doing this you can make sure you are not harming the surrounding plants.
  • You can spray the moss with concentrated vinegar too. Scrape the moss off later.
  • Sprinkle some Baking soda on the growth of moss.

Why is my Garden full of Moss?

Moss usually spreads in shady areas. It spreads in the spring or autumn. Moss thrives in poorly draining soil and wet conditions.

Soil that is low in nutrients favors the growth of moss. It grows in areas where other plants can’t either due to unavailability of sunlight or high moisture.

Moss grows in severely compacted soil that doesn’t have enough oxygen.

Is Moss in the Garden good or bad?

Moss doesn’t go and kill your plants or invade their space. It just grows where your plants can’t. This means it grows in extreme conditions.

Is Moss in the garden a problem?

So their presence indicates that there’s something wrong with your garden. They usually grow in places with drainage issues/soil compaction problems.

Fix such issues accordingly whenever you see moss in your vegetable garden.