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How to Get Rid of Jimson Weed? (4 Cheap and Natural Ways)

Jimson weed which is also called Thorn apple belongs to the genus Datura. It’s an aggressively invasive and poisonous plant. It grows widely in temperate regions.

It is an annual weed and is competitive with many garden plants. You wouldn’t want this weed in your garden as it’s proven to be poisonous to humans, cattle, and pets.

Let’s see how you can get rid of this weed.

Natural WaysHerbicides
Manual RemovalFlumioxazin (BroadStar/SureGuard) is a Pre-emergent herbicide
Cover CropsOxyfluorfen is a pre-emergent herbicide
Use the weeds as Compost2,4-D

Natural ways to get rid of Jimson Weed

Wear a pair of garden gloves protective eyewear and clothing that covers your body entirely if possible. These precautions are necessary as jimson weed has been proven to irritate eyes and skin.

Pulling it out

Pull the jimson weed out of the soil along with its roots. Throw it in a sealable trash bag. The weed is easier to pull from the ground if you water the soil well a day before.

Do this weekly if you want to have a landscape free of these monsters. You can use a weed torch or a digger, but make sure to get rid of them as soon as they sprout.

Do not let these plants flower, if they do they’ll soon release seeds into the soil and you’ll be fighting them for years.

If possible, mow the area regularly/weekly to keep the weeds from flowering.

Cover crops

You can plant a cover crop that prevents the germination of any seeds already in the soil. Sudangrass can be a great cover plant as it is known to prevent weeds from sprouting.

Jimson weed is allelopathic, so it’s better to plant fully grown plants instead of seeding.

Use it as compost

It grows aggressively and if you keep plucking Jimson weeds, you can use it to make compost. Jimson weed decomposes well and it is completely safe to use its compost

Whenever you pull out Jimson weed, throw it in a sealable trash bag. You can now use it in your compost mix.


Polyethylene tarps can be used to wrap an entire Jimson weed plant. The heat generated inside the cover will kill the weed. This process is called Soil Solarization.

You can solarize your garden beds to prevent any Jimson weed from sprouting. This usually takes 4 weeks to 8 weeks. But this works well.

It is a tedious process if the problem is on a farm. In such cases, herbicidal control is apparently an efficient option.


The application of herbicides is an efficient way of eliminating Jimson weed. Spring is the best time to spray herbicides when the weed is actively growing.

Broadleaf herbicides work well on Jimson weed. Herbicides like 2,4-D are proven to work on Jimson weed. Glyphosate works well on Jimson weed as a post-emergent.

Once the jimson weed is dead, you may need to use a pre-emergent to control new jimson weed sprouts from the soil.

Pre-emergents like flumioxazin (BroadStar/SureGuard) and oxyfluorfen work well on Jimson weed seeds.

Note: After pulling it out manually, you may need to use a pre-emergent herbicide on the soil.

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How to prevent Jimson Weed?

  1. Inspect your garden for any signs of Jimson Weeds sprouting up. As soon as you spot it, pull it out by the roots to prevent regrowth.
  2. Use mulch to cover the soil around your plants, as this will help smother any potential Jimson Weed seeds and deter their growth.
  3. Be cautious when bringing in new plants or soil, as Jimson Weed can hitch a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jimson weed poisonous to touch?

Touching the jimson weed or smelling it is poisonous to humans and animals alike.

Is Jimson weed poisonous to dogs?

Yes, jimson weed is proven to be poisonous to pet dogs and it is best to keep your garden/lawn clear of this weed.

Is Jimson weed poisonous to cattle?

Yes. Jimson weed can be poisonous even fatal to cattle. Horses and cows were poisoned by this weed many times in many areas of the US.

Does jimson weed cause a rash?

Jimson weed causes rashes and it can cause respiratory issues if smelled. That’s the reason why you should always wear protective clothing when dealing with this weed.

How does jimson weed poison you?

If poisoned with jimson weed, it can cause hallucinations, respiratory problems and if seeds/flowers are ingested, can even lead to fatality.

Is Jimson weed the same as Moonflower?

Jimson weeds and moonflowers are different plants. Let’s see how we can differentiate them from each other.

Jimson Weed/DaturaMoonflowers/Ipomoea
Datura flowers can bloom any time of the day.Ipomoea flowers bloom up at dusk and bloom all night.
Unpleasant smellSweet scented blooms
Leaves are arrow-shaped.Leaves are heart-shaped.
Flowers are deeper trumpetsTrumpets of flowers are not as deep
Seeds of datura are covered in spiky burrs, that's why the plant is called thorn apples.Seeds are not covered in spikes.

I wish you a jimson weed-free garden!