How to Get Rid of Buddleia

How to Get Rid of Buddleia? (6 Powerful Root-Killing Methods!)

The best way to get rid of Buddleia is by cutting it as close to the ground as possible. Then spray Rosate 360/a strong version of Glyphosate on the remaining plant. This is probably the most efficient way to get rid of Buddleia. You’ll notice visible results in a few weeks.

Buddleia is considered to be an invasive plant. Buddleia is commonly called a Butterfly bush. Buddleia produces a lot of nectar.

These plants however do not help butterflies thrive in your garden. They don’t help butterflies thrive and produce progeny. So, don’t go by the name of this plant.

Why are Butterfly bushes bad?

Butterfly bush produces a lot of nectar, attracting a lot of butterflies. At a point, butterflies only collect nectar from this plant.

This becomes an issue for other flowering plants in your garden. They won’t get pollinated. The other, native plants’ existence becomes difficult.

Butterfly bush is not a native plant to the US or the UK. The plant originated in the Eastern world. Experts don’t like their gardens to be ruined by Buddleia.

Buddleia is spreading so fast in the US that it’s termed a noxious weed. As this species is exotic it doesn’t have many predators or pests.

Buddleia can reproduce rapidly and thus is a real problem to gardeners all over the US. The plant is spreading to new areas rapidly. So it is ideal to control its spread.

Buddleia growing through the wall?

Buddleia can grow in the cracks and crevices of walls. Buddleia popularly grows in the smallest of crevices.

You can uproot such Buddleia plants easily though. Butterfly bushes that grow in the cracks and crevices aren’t that established.

Buddleia has a habit of spreading rapidly in an area. They even grow in the cracks of the wall to accomplish their dominance in an area.

How to remove Buddleia from the wall?

You can spray weed killer with a water gun directly on the Buddleia outgrowth. You may want to do this when the weather is dry.

You’d only get rid of the shoot if you spray weed killer on Buddleia. The root stays intact inside the brick wall. Picking the weed by hand is effective as far as I know.

Buddleia damage to buildings

Buddleia spreads via tiny, wind-borne seeds. These seeds fall into a variety of places including places with crumbling brick walls.

Buddleia can grow anywhere as it has no specific pests/predators. The plant has thus become an issue all over the US.

Buddleia can penetrate its roots through the brick walls, damaging the walls.

Can Buddleia damage foundations?

Yes, Buddleia can damage the foundations of buildings. Buddleia roots grow into the foundations. Get rid of Buddleia as soon as you see it.

If the butterfly bush is small dig it out or pull it with your hand. If the Buddleia spread across an area you may want to inject herbicides directly into these weeds.

Buddleia growing in the chimney?

I’ve seen Buddleia grow in the chimney. This happens when some airborne seeds of Buddleia fall in the cracks/crevices of the chimney wall.

Buddleia can cause great damage to the walls. So, if you find Buddleia in your chimney, get rid of the weed as soon as possible.

If it’s hard to reach you, contact any weed removal company and they will be able to sort it out. Make sure you get rid of the roots.

Repair the brickwork if Buddleia has already damaged it considerably.

Does Buddleia have deep roots?

Yes, Buddleia has an extensive root system. As we already discussed Buddleia roots remain in the brick wall if you pull it out with your hands.

Buddleia doesn’t have the typical tap root system. This is the reason why the Butterfly bush plant is immune to root rot disease.

Though Buddleia doesn’t have a taproot system it still entangles its roots in the bricks of old walls.

How do I get rid of Buddleia roots?

Cut off the Buddleia as close to the ground as possible. Cover the remains of the plant with a black cover so that no sunlight reaches the plant. This would kill the roots of the plant.

One can follow other methods to get rid of the entire plant in one go.

Buddleia disposal

You need to keep in mind that Buddleia can even spread via cuttings. So, disposing of it properly is crucial. Burning the waste is the most efficient way in my opinion.

Do not leave the cut branches/roots on the ground. Dig out the Buddleia roots and dispose of them. Double-bag the seed heads to prevent further weed infestation.

Best way to get rid of Butterfly bush

Cut back the Butterfly bush/Buddleia as near to the ground as possible. Spray this remaining part of the plant with a non-selective weedicide like Glyphosate/Roundup. Dispose of the cut parts of the plant carefully.

Will Copper Nails kill Buddleia?

No, don’t even bother using copper nails. Using copper nails is quite popular with gardeners. I’ve seen some people claim that it does kill unwanted plants.

This comes from the notion that excess amounts of copper if ingested by a plant can kill the plant. However, this only happens if you insert a large piece of copper inside the shrub.

I’ve seen people fail to get rid of weed shrubs with copper nails. So, don’t even try, I advise you rather invest that time and effort to use a weedicide properly.

Will Vinegar kill Buddleia?

Yes, Vinegar can kill Buddleia. Vinegar is an organic alternative to a chemical herbicide like Glyphosate.

Vinegar is a non-selective herbicide so use it carefully. Make sure it can reach the roots of the Buddleia. You can make a solution using Salt and Vinegar for increased efficacy.

Does Roundup kill Buddleia?

Yes, Roundup does kill Buddleia. You need to spray the leaves of the weed so extensively that the solution reaches the roots.

If the weed is stubborn, cut it close to the ground then apply Glyphosate on the stub. Use a stronger variation of Glyphosate as this is a shrub.

‘Rosate 360’ is what I’d use if I had a Buddleia issue. If this isn’t available to you, mix some veggie oil in the Glyphosate and spray the leaves until they’re entirely wet.

You can get rid of Buddleia permanently by spraying Glyphosate that’s three times more concentrated than the normally used Roundup.

Does Bleach kill Buddleia?

Yes, Bleach can kill Buddliea weeds. While bleach contains chemicals that can damage and kill plants, it may not be the most effective way to manage buddleia.

The plant’s dense growth means the bleach solution doesn’t always fully penetrate the leaves and stems. Cutting or pulling buddleia out by the roots is usually more successful at long-term control.

Herbicides specifically formulated for woody weeds can also be effective when applied correctly. Always follow product labels and safety precautions when using any weedkiller.

How to kill a Buddleia growing in a wall?

Drilling holes into the stump and injecting full-strength herbicide into the holes can also kill the persistent roots. Cutting off new growth and treating regrowth on a regular basis will help exhaust the root system.

Cutting the buddleia stems will only prune back the current growth. To fully kill buddleia growing in a wall, the root system must be destroyed.

This is challenging since the roots grow deep into crevices. Digging out the roots physically is often impractical for walls.

Applying concentrated herbicide directly onto freshly cut stumps can be effective. Products with active ingredients like glyphosate or triclopyr can kill the roots when applied to the cut stump. Follow product instructions carefully.

Monitoring walls for new sprouts emerging from roots left behind is also recommended.

Killing unwanted buddleia growing in walls takes repeated cutting back and herbicide treatments. Hiring a professional may be warranted for large infestations. Avoid planting buddleia near any structures where the aggressive roots could cause damage.

How to stop Buddleia from growing?

Uproot Buddleia weeds as soon as you see them. This is the only way to control Buddleia efficiently. Pre-emergent herbicides do not work on Buddleia.

Injecting herbicides directly into Butterfly bush weeds is the most efficient method to get rid of Buddleia.

People usually grow these in their gardens thinking that they attract butterflies. This is a mistake. The plant tries to occupy the entire garden.

Growers have successfully produced variants of Buddleia that aren’t invasive. If you’re so keen on growing Buddleia in your garden, get such cultivars.

Deadheading Buddleia

You can keep Buddleia in control by cutting off the blossoms before they go to seed. Check on your Butterfly bush weed regularly.

Cut off the flowers of your Buddleia as soon as you see them. Dispose of these cut flowers carefully.

Can you keep a Butterfly bush small?

Yes, you can regularly prune the Buddleia weed to keep it in control. Getting a dwarf variety of Buddleia is quite effective too.

Try to make a schedule for pruning your Butterfly bush.

Best root killer for Buddleia

Glyphosate and Triclopyr are the best root killers for Buddleia as they are absorbed by the plant and carried throughout its tissues, including the roots.

This allows the product to kill the entire plant when applied correctly. Concentrated versions meant for stump and brush control are ideal for buddleia.

The easiest method is to cut the buddleia stems and immediately apply the systemic herbicide product to the freshly cut stump.

This allows the herbicide to be pulled down into the root system as the plant dies. Drilling into thick stumps and injecting herbicide into the holes can further ensure it reaches the roots.

Repeated cutting and herbicide treatments are likely needed to fully kill buddleia roots. Always follow label directions and use proper protective equipment when applying herbicides.

Removing buddleia by the roots manually also works but is very labor intensive. Preventing buddleia from spreading by not letting it go to seed is recommended.

I wish you a weed-free home 🙂