How do I get rid of invasive Morning Glory

How do I get rid of invasive Morning Glory?: 7 Tricks (Do’s & Don’ts!)

You can steam the leaves for 45 minutes to eliminate invasive Morning Glory vines permanently. You can also eliminate invasive Morning Glory by spraying a 2% Glyphosate solution on the leaves. One can also eliminate invasive Morning Glory by spraying bleach solution on the vines.

Morning Glory vines are grown in the garden for the colorful blossoms they produce. I have this vine in my garden too.

Morning Glory, like most other vines can takeover a flourishing garden if you don’t keep its growth in control.

Some varieties of Morning Glory vine are declared invasive in the US.

In this post let’s discuss the ways to get rid of Morning Glory vines. We shall also discuss how to keep its growth in control.

How to get rid of Morning Glory in Vegetable Garden?

The best way to get rid of Morning Glory in a vegetable garden is by steaming it. Apply steam directly on the foliage, as close as possible.

Eliminating invasive Morning Glory vine in a vegetable garden is not an easy task. One needs to keep the veggies in mind before reacting to the invasive vine.

How do you steam Morning Glories?

  • You may want to steam the Morning Glory vine. You can use garment steamers to achieve this. There are garden steamers too. By steaming the vine you’ll not only kill the foliage but also the roots.
  • Wait for a day and trim the vine near the roots to get rid of it for good.
  • Don’t pull out the Morning Glory vine in hopes of killing it. If you pull the vine out, it’ll only grow thicker and spread more roots.

Tip: Plant bushes and shrubs in this area. Take good care of them until they establish themselves.

What chemical will kill Morning Glory?

A 2% solution of Glyphosate can kill Morning Glory permanently. Borax also can kill Morning Glory efficiently. 2,4-D can kill Morning Glory too, spray it if this invasive vine grows into your lawn.

Best herbicide for Morning Glory

A 2% solution of Glyphosate can kill Morning Glory efficiently. Glyphosate is perhaps the easiest way to get rid of invasive Morning Glory.

But, I don’t recommend using Glyphosate to control Morning Glory.

Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide. The herbicide doesn’t distinguish between your plants and invasive weeds.

You better not use it if there are desirable plants near the Morning Glory vine.

Killing Morning Glory with Vinegar

You can not kill Morning Glory vines by treating them with Vinegar. Vinegar will kill some of the foliage and some branches.

However, vinegar won’t damage the roots of your Morning Glory at all.

Will boiling water kill Morning Glory?

No, boiling water can’t kill invasive Morning Glory vines. Boiling water will damage the leaves and stem of Morning Glory to some extent.

Boiling water doesn’t damage the roots of Morning Glory at all. But it can be used to keep its growth in control.

Does Roundup kill Morning Glory?

Yes, Roundup can be used to kill Morning glory. Experts recommend using a 2% solution of Glyphosate to get rid of Morning Glory.

I don’t recommend using Roundup to kill Morning Glory.

Does Borax kill Morning Glory?

Yes, Borax can kill Morning glory. Borax is a non-selective herbicide, that is, it can kill all types of plants without distinction.

It is not a good idea to spray Borax if there are desirable plants around the Morning Glory vine.

Will salt kill Morning Glory?

Salt might kill the Morning Glory vine but it will disturb the soil greatly. Salt will make the soil uninhabitable to even your garden plants.

This is the reason I won’t recommend using salt to eliminate weeds.

Does 2,4-D kill Morning Glory?

Yes, 2,4-D can kill Morning Glory vines if they are growing in the lawn/turf. 2,4-D is a selective herbicide and won’t harm the lawn at all.

Apply 2,4-D when the Morning Glory weeds are growing actively. Apply several times in the summer to get rid of it for good.

Will Clorox kill Morning Glory?

Yes, Chlorox bleach can kill Morning Glory permanently. Use it carefully though, as it can kill desirable plants too.

Dilute the Chlorox bleach according to the need and spot spray on the vine carefully.

Will Killex kill Morning Glory?

Killex is a broad-leaf weedkiller that can kill Morning Glory permanently. This is a non-selective herbicide.

So, use it only as a last resort as it can kill desirable/vegetable plants around this invasive vine.

Does Tenacity kill Morning Glory?

Tenacity isn’t labeled for Morning Glory. I’d assume it can’t kill the weed. It’s a selective herbicide that kills many broadleaf weeds that grow in the lawn.

Is Morning Glory an invasive plant?

Yes, Morning Glory can be invasive. One needs to keep the Morning Glory vine’s growth in control, otherwise, it goes berserk.

Certain varieties of Morning Glory are declared invasive in parts of the US. So, keep your eyes open if you’ve got this vine in your garden.

Do Morning Glories kill other plants?

Yes, the Morning Glory vine can actually choke out other desirable plants in your garden. This is a characteristic trait of almost all vines.

Vines can strangle the desirable plants and kill them.

Are Morning Glories hard to kill?

Yes, Morning Glories are not that easy to get rid of, thanks to their extensive root system which can reach up to a depth of 20 feet.

You would only damage the foliage using the common techniques of weed eradication.

How do you kill Morning Glory roots?

You can get damage the Morning Glory vine’s root system by steaming the foliage. Keep the steamer close to the leaves for 45 minutes.

Glyphosate and Bleach solutions can also eliminate Morning Glory permanently.

Are all varieties of Morning Glory invasive?

No, not all varieties of Morning Glory vines are invasive. Some varieties of the Morning Glory vines have been declared invasive in the US.

Ipomoea nil is a variety of Morning Glory that doesn’t turn invasive at all. In colder climates, they don’t turn invasive easily.

There are many varieties of Morning Glory that aren’t invasive at all.

Is Heavenly Blue Morning Glory invasive?

No, Heavenly Blue Morning Glory variety is not considered invasive. It’s totally safe to plant this variety in your garden.

Are Grandpa Ott Morning Glories invasive?

Yes, Grandpa Ott Morning Glory is one of those varieties which are considered invasive. Don’t plant this in your garden at all.

Are Morning Glories invasive in Washington state?

Yes, Morning Glories are considered invasive in Washington state. King County Noxious Weed Control Board identifies this weed as invasive.

The Board is educating people regarding this invasive vine for a while now.

How do you stop Morning Glories from taking over?

Below are a few instructions to stop Morning Glories from turning invasive in your garden.

  • Mow the vine low and mow often. Rake and remove all the vine debris. Dispose of it carefully.
  • You can treat the cut stems with a systemic herbicide. It becomes easy to spray on the cut stems. You will get rid of the vines easily this way too.
  • You can suffocate this invasive vine by placing a layer of UV-stabilized plastic sheet over it.

Happy Gardening 🙂