My Banana Tree Leaves are Drooping

My Banana Tree Leaves are Drooping! (Here’s a Quick Fix!)

Banana plant leaves are drooping because of a lack of water. This happens especially on sunny days. Transplant shock could also cause leaf drooping.

Banana plant drooping after repotting?

Drooping after repotting can be attributed to root damage. Transplanted plants need more water in the initial days than other plants.

Banana plants droop when they don’t get adequate water. The leaves droop along the midrib and won’t recover easily after this ‘shock’.

Do not transplant your banana plant in the summer season. One should wait till spring to transplant plants as it’s the right time.

Transplant shocked plants should recover themselves, don’t try to fix them. People overwater it in the hopes of fixing transplant shock.

Banana plant leaves bending

Banana plant leaves bend when the plant doesn’t get adequate water. The banana plant thrives if you water it sufficiently.

Do water your banana plant consciously and be sure not to overwater it. Check the soil with fingers if need be.

Do not let the soil go dry. Do not let your banana tree sit in waterlogged conditions as this might lead to root rot.

Indoor Banana plant leaves drooping

Your indoor banana plant leaves are drooping because they lack adequate sunlight. It might seem like a lot to you but the plant might need more.

Try moving your banana plant closer to the window and observe the difference. Place it near a west-facing window for best results.

Indoor banana plants’ leaves may droop when they don’t get enough water. Check the soil with your fingers, if it feels dry then it’s probably underwatered.

Water the plant when the top half-inch of the soil feels dry. Do this with fingers whenever possible to avoid overwatering and you’ll see that it’s worth it.

When people see drooping leaves they panic and fertilize their banana plant. Don’t do this. Don’t feed the plant until it recovers from such a situation.

Why are my Banana leaves folding?

Banana folds its leaves when the weather is too hot. This is in response to the hot weather as a measure to prevent excess evaporation.

If this is indeed due to the hot weather, the plant should recover in the evening times when the weather is cooler. So, don’t panic and take good care of your plant.

Banana tree care

Here’s how you take care of your banana plant so it never faces this problem.

  • When you transplant your precious banana plant, be gentle. Do not hurt the roots in any way.
  • Water your banana plant on time, every time. Do not let the soil dry out. Also, be careful not to overwater your plant as this could equally harm the plant.
  • Make sure that your Banana plant gets adequate sunlight, keep it near a west-facing window if possible.

Happy Growing 🙂