Do Aloe Plants need Special Soil

Do Aloe Plants need Special Soil? (The Best Soil Mix for Aloe!)

Yes, Aloe plants need special soil. Add Pumice/Perlite/Lava rock/Chunks of bark to the regular potting mix and it should work fine. You can also use a commercial potting mix that’s labeled for succulents. 

Aloe plants are grown for their unique herbal properties. Aloe Vera is kept indoors as it looks awesome too. Aloe Vera needs little care.

It may not need a lot of attention but it has its demands. Aloe Vera needs the right potting mix to thrive indoors.

Does an Aloe plant need special soil?

Yes, the Aloe plant needs a special potting mix to thrive. Aloe vera thrives in a potting mix that’s suitable for cacti/succulents. Aloe plant needs well-draining soil to thrive.

Aloe soil requirements

  • According to Old Farmer’s Almanac, Aloe does well in sandy soil with neutral pH.
  • Aloe vera likes to be in potting mix that drains excess water easily. Aloe doesn’t fancy sitting in waterlogged soils.
  • Aloe hails from a habitat where the soils are sandy and nutrient-deprived. So, do not add too much fertilizer to the potting mix.

Best soil for Aloe vera plant indoors

A potting mix that contains Perlite/Lava rock/Coarse sand would work fine for indoors Aloe vera. A mixture of the three works fine too.

Perlite/Lava rock/Coarse sand enhances the draining capabilities of the potting mix. If you’re growing Aloe vera indoors, it is crucial to make sure the plant gets just enough water.

How to make a potting mix for Aloe vera

Mix Perlite, chunks of bark, and sand in an equal amount of potting mix. 50% of the resultant potting mix should have Perlite, bark pieces, and sand while the other half has a regular potting mix.

Adding any of the three along with sand works well too. You can also use Pumice to amend the soil for Aloe vera.

Tip: Make sure the potting mix has lower soil ratio than these additives. The more you amend the soil with these materials the better(up to 70% in my experience).

Can Aloe vera grow in any soil?

No, Aloe vera needs a soil/potting mix that drains excess water. You need to remember that if the potting mix/soil doesn’t drain well then the plant runs into a lot of issues.

I’d never use gardening soil to grow Aloe vera. Gardening soil holds excess moisture for long periods of time, making it unsuitable for Aloe vera.

Can I plant Aloe vera in Pebbles?

No, one shouldn’t grow Aloe vera in pebbles. Pebbles are normally used to cover the top of the potting mix/soil for a purpose.

Pebbles are layered on the top of the potting mix to make the pot look good. You can use coarse sand to grow your Aloe vera.

Does Aloe vera like acidic soil?

As you already know, Aloe vera adapts to a variety of conditions. Aloe vera can grow in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline conditions.

Ideally, Aloe vera should be grown in neutral soils. You can adjust the soil pH by amending it with appropriate material.

Can I use Loam soil for Aloe vera?

Yes, Loam soil is quite good for the growth of Aloe vera. Loam has the perfect ratio of sand, clay, and silt.

It is the best of both worlds. Loam water can hold water, thanks to the clay in it. Loam also loses water just when needed thanks to the sandy part of it.

Many gardeners love Loam due to these properties. Loam is the ideal mix for a variety of plants as it supplies only adequate water.

Can Aloe live in Leca?

Yes, Aloe plants can thrive in Leca(Semi-hydroponic conditions). This may come as a surprise to many people out there, but it’s true.

I’ve seen people grow Aloe in Leca successfully. Aloe vera in Leca setup is quite low-maintenance. You can give your Aloe just the nutrients it needs.

Perlite for Aloe vera

Mixing Perlite in the regular potting mix is a good way to make the potting mix suitable for Aloe vera. Perlite is a naturally occurring material.

Perlite is used to enhance the drainage of the potting mix. Perlite also aerates the potting mix, giving more air to the roots.

Add an ample amount of Perlite to the soil/potting mix to make it suitable for succulents.

Miracle-Gro potting mix for Aloe vera

Cactus, Palm & Citrus mix from Miracle-Gro is a great potting mix for Aloe vera. The potting mix is well-draining and is made for succulents.

Aloe vera is a succulent, so this potting mix should work fine. This potting mix drains excess water efficiently.

Plant your Aloe vera in this potting mix when it’s actively growing. Water your Aloe vera once in a fortnight for the best results.

Don’t water your Aloe as often in the winter season. This potting soil is fast-draining, just make sure that the pot has drain holes.

Can I use Peat Moss for Aloe vera plant?

No, don’t use Peat Moss for your Aloe vera plant. Peat moss is used in the pots to hold water for longer periods.

You’ll clog up the soil/potting mix around your Aloe if you use Peat Moss. Peat Moss will hold too much water and create waterlogged conditions.

Waterlogged conditions cause a variety of root diseases. So, don’t use Peat Moss at all if you want your Aloe vera to thrive.

Is Sand good for Aloe vera?

Yes, mix sand in the regular potting mix to make it suitable for Aloe vera. Coarse sand enhances the draining abilities of regular potting mix.

I mix some coarse sand and perlite to the regular potting mix to make it suitable for succulents.

Can you use regular potting soil for Aloe vera?

No, regular potting soil is a strict no. Aloe vera likes to be in soils that don’t hold water for too long. They do like well-aerated soil.

Amend your regular potting mix with Perlite and coarse sand if you wanna plant Aloe vera in it. Regular potting mix stores too much water for Aloe’s liking.

Tip: You can also amend the soil using Pumice.

Lace aloe soil

Lace aloe is a different species of the Aloe genus. This plant grows in the same conditions as Aloe vera, so you might want to use the same type of potting mix.

Amend the soil using Pumice, Perlite, or Coarse sand. A mix of three would also work fine for the Lace Aloe plant.

Lace Aloe doesn’t like to sit in wet/moist soils, so make sure the bulk of the potting mix has these draining materials.

Best soil for repotting Aloe vera

Use succulent potting mix when repotting your Aloe vera. You can get the succulent potting mix from Miracle-gro.

You can also make your own potting mix that fits Aloe vera’s needs. You can do this by adding Perlite/Pumice to the regular potting mix.

Don’t use the regular potting mix as Aloe vera is quite sensitive when it’s repotted. You’ll risk losing your plant to waterlogged conditions.

Can I put Aloe vera in Compost?

Yes, you can add some compost to the Aloe vera’s potting mix. Ideally, 20% of the potting mix can contain compost.

Add compost to the potting mix along with the other additives like Perlite/Pumice/Lava rock.

Note: Aloe vera thrives in sandy, nutrient-deprived conditions. So, add only a little amount of compost.

Is coconut coir good for Aloe vera plant?

Coco peat can be added to the potting mix of the Aloe vera plant. Coconut coir isn’t used to amend the soil but Coco peat can be used.

Coco peat helps to lock in the moisture. Aloe vera doesn’t moist soil to grow well. Add only a little coco peat if the soil is too sandy.

Only add coco peat if the bulk of the potting mix is Perlite/Lava rock/Pumice. Aloe vera will be fine without Coco peat too.

Happy Growing 🙂